The “ecoGator” - your personal advisor for energy saving shopping and living

You would like to save electricity and money in your home easy and with an entertaining spin? You do prefer being informed with real helpful tips and recommendations on the go, while waiting for the bus or simply sitting on your cosy couch? You are going to buy lamps, TVs or domestic appliances but really don’t know which are the most efficient, best products on the market? 

If your answers to at least some of these questions were YES, we have the adequate tool for you! A team of experts in 10 countries was developing the free of charge smartphone app “ecoGator” for you as consumer, interested in saving costs and electricity at your home.

Download the app free of charge on:

iTunes (english version),

other versions: es / fr / de

Generally, the app “ecoGator” will guide you as consumer on two different levels: the shopping assistance mode and the day-to-day mode. 


For shopping assistance ecoGator provides functionalities which are designed to help you to make a purchase decision in the shop (it could be store or even an online shop) in regard to the most energy efficient products on the market. Just start the app and benefit from this impartial guidance and tips 

Day-to-day: For sure ecoGator is your tool to make your home more efficient day for day and supports you in saving money just without the need to buy new appliances. Read tips, play our quiz or receive our weekly news“

Winner of the European Sustainable Energy Award 2015