Real Impact

Support consumers at the point of sale in shops to identify the most efficient products through providing user-friendly, accessible guidance.

Through the application of new media, users will be guided in choosing the most efficient products independently or alongside advice from sales staff. Consumers will be able to consider key criteria, best in class benchmarks and quality-related issues by accessing a website, optimised for smartphones or tablets, or by using a free of charge smartphone app. In total, 1.5 million users will visit the campaign websites, 80,000 consumers will make use of the app service and approx. 900.000 will use third party apps with integrated ecoGator core functionalities resulting in almost a total of almost 2 Mio. times.


Increase awareness of customers concerning benefits of sustainable and energy efficient purchase and use of products

Popular social media channels will be used to disseminate information via a continuous news feed to increase awareness and aid peer to peer sharing of news within private networks, creating a ‘word of mouth’ effect. 20.000 followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter channels will receive at least two news items per week. News will be spread to 150,000 followers and fans in total via third party channels. Approx. 4 million households will be reached with specific messages by means of key actors’ promotion channels.


Amplify the success of other well-established initiatives promoting the purchase of high quality, energy efficient and ecologically sound products at an EU level by bringing information to the Point of Sale.

The myEcoNavigator campaign will enable a transfer of information and news to a much wider public audience by complementing existing initiatives at national and EU level. This project will integrate and enhance activities around Ecodesign, Efficiency-labelling legislation and product declaration.

Based on these objectives, the initiative myEcoNavigator will make direct and indirect contributions towards meeting the EU 2020 targets on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources through the accelerated market penetration of best performing appliances, whilst mitigating the potential direct rebound effect through information sharing and the creation of individual and community commitments to energy reduction.

Overall the project will produce accumulated energy savings of 1.95 TWh by 2020.


The following preliminary information on the reach of our activities can be presented:

By February 2015 approx. 12,000 users have installed ecoGator (being published for the first time in October 2014) on their smartphone. Currently all project partners develop co-branded app versions jointly with key market actors. These versions are expected to be rolled out and promoted by summer 2015.