Critical success factor: enhancing the app use on frequent basis

The consortium’s decision to extend the app scope beyond the shopping assistant functionalities to further include “gamification” elements, which encourage the user to use the app on a more regular basis, has been proven crucial. Especially since purchase decisions are taken only a few times per year. Thus, several measures have been included providing an incentive for frequent use (news section, sharing activities on social media, reward system, price competitions, quiz, etc.)

A general reward system was chosen, providing the user with gamification elements to motivate and conduct a more sustainable lifestyle. The most appropriate concepts are points, levels, challenges & competitions. Through the collection of points the user should be motivated to reduce the ecological footprint of his or her household. Additionally the users advance to different level statuses according to their specific activities. To encourage households to become more eco-friendly, specific categories in the “ecoGator” application provide additional information required for a deeper understanding on how to save energy and lead a sustainable lifestyle. This additional information is revealed to the user in form of tips and hints. At the end, the user will be quizzed on the content just read. In addition, the user is invited to rate if the tip was beneficial or useful to them. This provides feedback for the applications provider as well. A personalized “favourite list” also enables the user to save and collect the most interesting tips. Afterwards, the user is invited to put theoretical knowledge into practice and perform weekly and/or monthly challenges, which can easily be integrated into their daily lives. This enables the users to put everything they have learned into practice.