Project Efficiency 2.1 finished in January 2016 - ecoGator goes on!

The Efficiency 2.1 team proudly presents our recently issued ecoGator brochure.

Get insight in the outcomes of the IEE-project, finalised by end of January 2016 and download our report.

The consortium of Efficiency 2.1 finally accomplished the EU wide campaign myEcoNavigator. Moreover the team succeeded in making available the first smartphone app which can read and process data directly from the EU energy label for most relevant categories of home appliances and TVs.

Download our recently issued ecoGator brochure and get a quick overview on the main project outcomes.

The Efficiency 2.1 consortium is happy to tell you about the following topics

  • Introducing ecoGator
  • How does ecoGator work?
  • Bringing sustainable lifestyles home
  • ecoGator's impact
  • Success stories - ecoGator across Europe
  • Policy recommendations & next steps


Next steps

The prize-winning ecoGator app will be continuously maintained, updated and improved by the project partners, even after the completion of the project in January 2016.

The prolonged operation of ecoGator is granted by the thorough integration of the app within all partners' ongoing activities in the field of consumer information for sustainable energy use.

ecoGator is also offered to key market players as a 'white label' version. Based on specific cooperation agreements the app's core functionalities, like the label scanner, will be made available to be used in other apps published by third parties, increasing the leverage of this shopping guidance tool throughout Europe.