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TopTen - Europe

Topten is a consumer-oriented online search tool, which presents the best appliances in various product categories. The key criteria are energy efficiency, impact on the environment, health and quality.

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Coolproducts is a coalition of NGOs from all across Europe advocating strong policies throughout Europe and push for better, more ambitious regulations.

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The label is awarded only to those products with the lowest environmental impact in a product range. Product categories are carefully defined so that all products that have direct "equivalence of use", looking from the consumer’s standpoint, are included in the same product group.

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Energy Star

The ENERGY STAR label represents a level that any environmentally conscious manufacturer of office equipment will want to meet. The ENERGY STAR database also helps you pick the most energy efficient models, within the group of ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment, which meet your performance criteria.

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Buy Smart+

BuySmart – the green procurement project. Find all the eco labels and initiatives  across Europe.

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