ecoGator won the EUSEW 2015 Award in the category "Energy Efficiency"!

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  • Ecogator mobile app

    You are looking for a new washing machine? The app ecoGator helps you to find the most energy-efficient home appliance and is available for android and iPhone devices. 

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Latest News

Project Efficiency 2.1 finished in January 2016 - ecoGator goes on!

The Efficiency 2.1 team proudly presents our recently issued ecoGator brochure.

Get insight in the outcomes of the IEE-project, finalised by end of January 2016 and download our report.

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Policy Recommendations

Considerations and lessons learnt in the context of energy labelling

The consortium of the project succeeded in making available the first smartphone app which can read and process data directly from the EU energy label for most relevant categories of home appliances and TVs.

Since the completion of the project and the policy development process for a revised EU energy labelling regulation took place in the same period (Mid 2015 – Mid 2016), the consortium would like to emphasise some key findings from genuine application tools in the market for appliances – in particular the smartphone app ecoGator – based on the EU energy labelling framework.

These insights gained from this pilot action for enhanced guidance, supporting consumers at the point of sale in identifying the most efficient products, are intended to benefit stakeholders.read more

EUSEW award 2015

App ecoGator wins EUSEW award

Three energy efficiency and renewable energy projects from Austria, Spain and the UK have won the prestigious EU Sustainable Energy Europe Awards for their innovative, consumer-empowering ideas. read more


Energy efficient products

Household appliances are responsible for the biggest part of the power consumption. Throughout all EU member states, household electricity consumption represents 29% of total electricity consumption. The high energy consumption not only costs us a lot money but also causes climate change. Energy efficient and low-power devices can help to reduce our power consumption. read more